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Especially for people who want to spend the winter period in a warmer climate, we offer special prices for our villas in the Portuguese Algarve where the temperatures during the winter periods are still very pleasant.

For guests staying longer than 3 weeks, we offer special rates. And if you decide to stay 6 to 8 weeks or longer, you will even benefit from a significant discount. The longer your stay, the more attractive the offer becomes.

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  • Only requests for longer than 3 weeks 
  • Mention your wishes, budget and the period
  • We'll send you a suitable offer based on your wishes
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The climate of the Algarve

The climate is undoubtedly the best in all of Europe. The sun shines frequently in the Algarve. On average, more than 3000 hours of sunshine are measured annually. Rain falls mainly in autumn and winter, the number of rainless days is above 300. The climate feels subtropical despite the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean. There is actually a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and not too warm summers.

Average daytime temperatures fluctuate between 16 degrees Celsius in January and February and 28 degrees Celsius in July and August. The summer heat is tempered by a fresh breeze from the sea.

Villa's voor de hele familie
Average temperature
Average temperature 25 ºC
Avg. temperature Sunlight per day Rainy days per year Water temperature
Day Night
January 14 ºC 12 ºC 5 13 14 ºC
February 14 ºC 12 ºC 6 12 14 ºC
March 15 ºC 14 ºC 7 10 16 ºC
April 17 ºC 16 ºC 9 11 15 ºC
May 20 ºC 19 ºC 12 10 16 ºC
June 22 ºC 21 ºC 12 6 19 ºC
July 24 ºC 23 ºC 12 3 15 ºC
August 25 ºC 24 ºC 12 3 20 ºC
September 23 ºC 22 ºC 9 6 21 ºC
October 21 ºC 20 ºC 7 11 19 ºC
November 17 ºC 15 ºC 6 12 17 ºC
December 14 ºC 13 ºC 5 13 15 ºC
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